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Anthony's Runway 84/Coal Fired Pizza
The Anthony's Coal Fired Pizza ship during Winterfest Boat Parade | Castronovo Vineyards
The Anthony's Coal Fired Pizza ship during Winterfest Boat Parade

He owns and runs the most iconic Italian restaurant in South Florida "Anthony's Runway 84, and yes, it's the same Anthony who created the now legendary, "Anthony's Coal Fired Pizza". Years ago I sat down and asked him for a recipe for one of my favorite dishes at "Runway", and he said to me, "'s all I've got. I can't do it". Well, we've become closer over the years and I sat down with him recently, let's see if he'll give me that recipe now. 

I present to you: Anthony Bruno; Behind the Meatballs:

Paul: So Anthony, what's the one thing on your menu that everybody wants the recipe for?

Anthony: (spoken in the greatest NY accent ever) Oh my God, the stuffed peppers. Didn't you try and get that out of me once?

Paul: Work with me, I've got a pretty good palate. Bread crumbs, olive oil, grated cheese, cubanelle peppers...

Anthony: Listen, those peppers, my Aunt Mary used to make 'em. This is the truth, she used to bring them over to the house and my brother, my Father and myself, we used to fight over those peppers. So the restaurant opens up, it was about 2-3 years we;re at Runway. She takes ill, she's in hospice, She's finished, I mean done. And I said, "Dad, before she goes, you've got to get Aunt Mary's recipe for the stuffed peppers". This is a true story. On her death bed, she wrote the recipe for my Father and I've been making them since. 

Darryl and Oliver's Cafe Maxx now serves Sunday Brunch! Screw the diet and get a table immediately.
Cafe Maxx Sunday Brunch
Left to right: chicken apple sausage, lump crab eggs Benedict and home made, whole grain biscuits and gravy. Just part of Cafe Maxx Sunday brunch.

One of my favorite sayings is: life is to short to have a bad meal! I'm not sure if I'm the first person to say it, but I'll take ownership until somebody sues me. That being said, for probably all of the 24 years that Darryl and Oliver's Cafe Maxx has been in business in Pompano Beach, I've been a loyal customer. 

Obviously, it started with the food, caviar pie, sashimi tuna pizza, 3 peppercorn filet mignon, sweet Onion crusted snapper and the flour-less chocolate cake were reasons enough to fall in love with this cozy, upscale joint but over the years I've developed an unlikely friendship with both Darryl, an "in your face" Miami Hurricane fan, and I'm a die hard Gator, and Oliver, dare I say it: a hated NY Jets fan the polar opposite to my beloved Dolphins. But because of food, I look past this (and they carry Castronovo Vineyards wines!)

My friends, Jay and Nancy Lighter, who I've probably had 100 dinners with over the years at Cafe Maxx have been hounding us to check out their new brunch. I'm glad I did. Life will never be the same. Aside from the mountains of food some hotels pile up on Mothers Day brunches, I've alway felt South Florida was behind the curve on the Sunday Brunch scene. Not anymore.